How Long Does SEO Take To Deliver Results

The SEO strategies for online positioning are based on work almost daily perseverance and dedication with a goal in the future.

This point is the one that must be made clear to all those who seek immediate positioning.

To achieve a rise in organic visibility in search engines requires a long working space, which will have its fruits, yes, but after a few months of accumulation of metrics and development of implementation actions.

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The main objective of this strategy is none other than to get traffic, which is of quality, and direct it to the different pages that make up the website.

Whether to sell or inform, the SEO strategy is proposed as a channel to favor a greater attraction of web traffic.

How to make this happen? With a correct optimization of these positioning actions. Mainly improving the On Page and Off Page factors of the page.

Among them issues such as the user experience on any device, the creation of quality content, hierarchy, web design, and study of keywords, loading speed and the attainment of links with authority.

With this we want to understand that implementing these actions requires planning. It is not something that offers results instantly, since apart from all the recurring work that needs to be done, it depends on the time spent by Google robots to track these pages according to the changes that have been made in the domain.


The future results of an SEO strategy depend on several keys. The first one is to do a good job, that simple.

You must trust a person or agency that is a guarantee to develop this type of action and is specialized in it. In the same way, it is not possible to continue without making use of tools and analytical programs to control the KPIs and metrics that, in the long run, will serve as measures to verify the growth of the project.

Apart from these internal factors, there are also other external conditions that also infer the level of improvement of the organic results of a website.

Among them, the market and sector in which the project is located. And this has to do also with the type of competition and its level of visibility and authority. Some indicators to classify to a certain extent how much it will cost to position the main pages of the website,

based on the already visible positioning of the competition.
Keep in mind at all times, as we have indicated before, that in this process are also the Googlebot and crawl budget necessary for Google crawlers to place the pages in prominent positions.

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The first thing to say about it is that you do not trust all those who assure you reliable results or certain positions in the Google search results.

This can not be assured since it does not depend entirely on the work of the agency. What is clear is that working with time these strategies is a great competitive advantage, but for the future.

Organic searches continue to be the main means of attracting traffic. They can change the types of devices, mobile phones or tablets , but the searches – more or less concrete – contribute to being the most decisive channel with more progression to get customers.

Any company, of any size, even SMEs, can work their online positioning with these SEO actions. Many multinationals also take advantage of this opportunity, although others – otherwise – base their strategy on brand positioning and online advertising.

SEO Advice: Try to choose a brandable domain names for your business. All the big brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma are known from their brand name.
In the end, what they are worth are the results. And some realistic results of an SEO campaign begin to be seen after a few months. We could make a classification for it:

3 months : Initial phase with the first advances.
6 months : Intermediate phase.
12 months : Period with remarkable results.

This does not mean that after one year the SEO phase is complete,

it is when you can get conclusive results of how the changes are affecting the website. In case of being very positive, if everything has been done correctly, SEO work can be maintained over the next months and years to adapt the strategy to the project and the modifications and algorithms of Google.

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