How To Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress : An Expert’s Guide

How to reduce bounce rate in WordPress, bounce rateBounce Rate is the main part of ranking. Because of bad Bounce rate ,your ranking on search engine will be down and down.

So, today I will discuss about How To Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress . but before dive into, first learn about bounce rate.

What Is Bounce Rate

Here we should know that what is bounce rate in wordpress or blogging industry.

Bounce rate is the percentage of those people who visits your website and get away from website after viewing just a single page.

It is displayed as a percentage of single page sessions on your website and is a good indicator of how relevant and engaging your website’s content is.

web analytics “guru,” Avinash Kaushik, defines a bounce as, “I came; I puked, and I left.”

The implication is that high bounce rates are bad – that the content on your site didn’t match what the visitor was looking for so they left without viewing another page.

So, website Bounce rate is depicts the number of people who visited site and leave soon as they leave from website, your website bounce rate increase and that will called poor bounce rate.

Bounce Rate is the main factor on ranking in Search engines.

By a case study many seo specialist found that how much smooth the bounce rate of a website, that website ranks better that higher bounce rates websites.

You should use your bounce rate measure as a barometer of how smoothly your WordPress blog is working.

Here are a few general parameters ,you should check:

Poor Bounce Rate – Over 75 to 80%

Average Bounce Rate – 50 to 60%

Good Bounce Rate – Around or lower than 40%

Excellent Bounce Rate – Around or lower than 25%

How To Check Bounce Rate

Do you know how to check bounce rate in WordPress? Here is steps  to check bounce rate .

Follow these steps to check bounce rate of your blog or website

how to reduce bounce rate in wordpress

If the Bounce Rate of Blog is around 40% ,it is good for you. If not then in this article I’m giving proven ways to Reduce bounce rate.

Now, after learning about the Bounce rate and Checking bounce rate. Let’s look the various ways to Reduce bounce rate in WordPress

Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress

If your site visitors have a difficult time navigating through your website you are guaranteed to have a high bounce rate.​

Luckily there are some great ways to improve user experience and reduce the risk of losing visitors.

So Follow this guide to Reduce bounce rate cleverly

Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress

Quick Navigation1.Optimize Page Loading Speed3. Learn From Your Website Analytics​4. Use Internal Links cleverly 5. Split Long Article​s into parts6. Make your Theme Mobile Friendly7. Attractive Sidebars8. Improve Content’s Readability

1.Optimize Page Loading Speed

is your site takes ages to load, then don’t expect your web visitors to sit around waiting for it. Slow loading websites are the recipe of higher and poor Bounce Rate.

And , imagine why any user wait on your website because of slow loading.

You should make your blog or website fast loading .follow these steps to to Optimize Page Loading Speed

  • Choose a lightweight theme who has non-complex graphics
  • Install a WordPress caching plugin – WP Super Cache is the best
  • Use a CDN
  • Compress images [best tool optimus]
  • Compress your website code
  • If problems not solved, change your host. I recommend HOSTGATOR it is best

2. Say No to Flashy Pop-Ups

Flashy Pop-Ups is a reason of Higher and poor Bounce rate .

you should not use Flashy Pop-Ups because By using Flashy Pop-Ups ,your visitors don’t add value to your website . and they get away

Splash pages also annoying to visitors  why should anyone have to make an extra click to get to your site?

If your flashy popup isn’t offering any value to site visitors, get rid of it.

3. Learn From Your Website Analytics​

In analytics, you should check that the keyword , that visitor came. you need to find out the intricate details of each individual blog page that you possess.

You should know the keyword and and consider why they are staying away. The main reason is in this example

If anyone search like “Buy Best Smartphone” and suppose that you are ranking .but you are not selling Smartphones ,the visitors stay away from your website and read on other websites then you’re going to have a high bounce rate

So this is the main reason of Higher Bounce Rates. and by using this way ,you get keyword and write posts for keyword and reduce Bounce rate

4. Use Internal Links cleverly

Linking to other posts and pages on your site from within content is a great way to reduce bounce rate.

But you should do this only for related articles or posts

And the main thing is that If you’ve included external links of post or pages in your blog post, make sure that all these links get opened in a new window or tab.

Otherwise, if you don’t follow this step then your visitors will exit your website every time they click!

5. Split Long Article​s into parts

You should Split Long Articles Into Parts for better user experience. By splitting long articles into parts ,you can reduce and decrease bounce rate of your website.

If you have two blogs to read ,First has a Very Long articles not splitted into parts ,Second is splitted into small parts ,what you would like to read? Sure! You will always want to read an article which is spitted into small parts.

So use small parts in a long articles then reader stay on your page more time and read with patience.You can easily Decrease bounce rate by Split Long Articles Into small  Parts

6. Make your Theme Mobile Friendly

You should always use a mobile friendly theme for your website.It will give you better use experience and boost in SEO . Means your website will rank more well when you use a mobile friendly website

You can check your mobile friendly website on your own smartphone simply by opening your webpage in your smartphone.

If you have a mobile friendly website reader want to read your content on website.Most of website traffic comes from smartphone users ,you may notice this. So first make your website theme mobile friendly and reduce your bounce rate.

7. Attractive Sidebars

A dynamically attractive sidebar not only optimizes the website visual aspect, but it also improves navigation care, and increases your page views.

In your sidebar you should use recent post, popular post etc  It decrease bonce rate of your website and youknow that reducing bounce rate is helpful to seo .

By using attractive sidebars,Tour website readers stays on your page more time and your blonce rae decrease/reduced

8. Improve Content’s Readability

As Neil Patel says, Your targeted blog reader might leave from your website or blog because of lack of readability.

user experience begins when your content is readable and legible

If you look at a few of my posts, you’ll see how I lay out my posts in an easy-to-read format.

When I explaining about On-Page SEO ,I wrote like this

First you should use Heading Big and bold, then subheading then bullet points

Here are few tips to improve readability of post :-

  1. Use Sub Headings to light more on your topic
  2. Bold main Keyword sometimes [ don’t overdo it ]
  3. Use bullet post to explain topics
  4. Use plenty of charts, images [related]
  5. Don’t write upto 4 lines without line break

And by this way you can improve your content readability. And reduce your website bounce rate

Conclusion :-

In this article , I have shown you many effective ways to Reduce Bounce rate in WordPress. We learned all about bounce rate.

In this post I discussed About Bounce Rate , why Bounce Rate important and ways to Reduce Bounce rate.

But still Content is king . Without a great and good content , you will not success in Reducing Bounce rate.

So, act now on these ways to reducing Bounce rate before Losing visitors and avoid High and Poor bounce rate.

Now Your Turn

So that how you can Reduce Bounce in WordPress. I hope you liked this post and it will be helpful to you

Did you find any of these 8 ways for reducing your bounce rate helpful?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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