Rankraft Digital Media: Best Social Media Marketing Service Provider in 2019

Today, having a social media account has become necessary not only for individuals but also for

Surprised to hear this! But people have started checking the social media profiles of
businesses prior to making any deal with them.

So, apart from having a website, social media
also plays a big role in any business success.

But not just creating social media profiles for your business is going to work. You will need to
post some best content for engaging your social media visitors.

Everything you will need to brainstorm for new content ideas like the other popular brands keep on doing.

This would be hectic for you as you will need to invest your time in managing your website as well as social media marketing.

Every problem has a solution and so your too has one.

There are several digital marketing
services that help you in social media marketing of your business.

If you think finding one is difficult, here’s a review of the best social media marketing service provider in 2019.

Rankraft – An Introduction

Rankraft review

Being one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies, Rankraft stands among the most
popular online marketing agencies in India.

Their team comprises of experts in different sections of digital marketing that focus on the work of making your business a renowned brand.

Every post and marketing campaign from them stands different from the previous one.

Their services comprise of SEO, social media marketing, paid ad campaign,

Rankraft social media marketing

In social media marketing, Rankraft’s team manages top performing social media platforms such
as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They use relevant social media optimizing strategies to

manage the social media marketing for businesses. They help the businesses to gain follower if
businesses use their own content Analyze the Result: manage their own audience. Apart from this, they also help

businesses to get readymade content and manage their marketing.

Their social media marketing services offered are as below:

Social media marketing

Social Media Optimization

In this, they create relevant and beautiful posts, banners and messages that support your

Their designers offer unique ideas and images for every new post and so you don’t
have to worry about the posts created by them. They take the complete responsibility of the
content material including blogs, articles and posts.
Social Media Promotion

In case, you want to design your own posts and use your own description then you can just opt
for their social media promotion services. They will publish your posts to get displayed to
relevant audience for generating sales for your business.

With this, they will help you to drive
traffic towards your business for increasing your profit and ROI. Your ad performance will also
get improved with the strategies they use for promotion.

Reasons to Select Rankraft for Social Media Marketing

Discussion About the Project: When you hand-over your business’ social media marketing to
them, you are in safe hands.

They first get the clear idea about your business. Their experts discuss the project, scope of improvement and redesigning or the process to build the project

right from the scratch. With this both you and they will be on the same page.

Research: They perform a thorough research about your project by studying your niche and
finding the raw materials required. They find the latest updates about your niche for keeping
your project updated while launching it. They also review the company’s goal, vision and
mission for finding the internal and external content.

Content Creation: After they collect enough material from their research then they start

creating content. After the plan gets ready, they start working accordingly. They many times
write phrases, create posts and descriptions and create info-graphics if needed

Approval: The team shares all the rough work of content and posts with you for giving you an
idea about their work on digital platform. After your approval, they will proceed with their
further work.

Content Sharing: They share the content created by them on different social media platforms
among the relevant as well as interested audience.

Analyze the Result: After launching a campaign or making the post live, the team analyzes its
working for some days. For example, they find the interested people, click-through rate,
impressions, etc. Then only your next post will be created for engaging people.

There’s an increase of social media users with almost 13% year-on-year. This indicates that your
business should reach a wider audience in less time.

To do social media marketing for your
business, you don’t need to have any special website or blog for reaching out the interested

Remember social media marketing helps you to make your business popular

. So, don’t
miss to focus on social media marketing of your business when a digital media like Rankraft is
helping you with so many feature

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