How to Make Money with UC News

How To Make Money With UC News

How To Make Money With UC News:-  Hi Friends,welcome to Today we know that How to Make Money with Uc News.

UC news gives us chance to earn money by writing post on it and today, We will know that How To Make Money With Uc News. You have to write post on uc news and monetize it for earn money by uc news.

UC Browser is famous browser now days and UC News is not less than it . UC News is a product of UC this post you will learn that how you can earn money on UC News or “How to Make Money with UC News”


Let’s learn how to write articles on UC News and Monetize it for earn money by uc news.         OK LET’S GO………

How To Get Started To Earn Money With UC News

To publish your article on UC News you need to Follow this steps.

  1. First You have to Go on UC News Produce
  2. Then you have to Sign up for new account
  3. First your account will approved. It can take time up to 48 hours.
  4. When your account approved, You are able to make money online with uc news
  5. Then Sign in Uc News Dashboard.
  6. Then Go on Post
  7. Then write post .means write quality content of post in uc news.give a meaningful title and add feature image.

It is as easy as wordpress . like you write and publish post in WordPress, in UC News you have to write and publish posts.

Now, you are done. you have to wait until your post approved. And when it approves it automatically publish.


How To Make Money With UC News

You can earn money by activating monetization on UC News.

Follow these Steps to enable monetization in UC News.

  1. Click on Reporting Tab
  2. Select Income Data
  3. And click on Ad monetization

And Now ad monetization is enabled and you can make money with uc news.

Follow these Rules to earn more Money BY Me

  • Always remember “content is king”
  • Never mislead audience with fake feature image
  • Write useful post who help audience.
  • Make your title attractive
  • Don’t forget UC News Policy .

So you have to do this for Make money with uc news. But remember these rules


These are some information for successful journey of UC News Before you write you first article.

  1. Your revenue will be counted which days you have successfully applied
  2. Your gross income of last week will be updated on every Wednesday
  3. Your minimum withdrawal amount is 50 usd (threshold amount)
  4. You can only withdrawal your income between 26-28 date on every month
  5. You can withdrawal your income ONCE Per month only. Your all income will be withdrawn once. You can’t adjust money for next month
  6. Uc News support USD Currency only. You will get your money in local currency.
  7. You pan card is mandatory for UC News Regisration .

Start you earning from UC News today if you are a good content writer.

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So these is the way to make money with UC News. If you have any question or suggestion please comment below. And share this article via social icon below to help and let them know how to make money with UC News.



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    • Hi Akriti, thank for reading post.
      to get rid of post suspend in UC news, write unique content. try not to use a copyright image and do not use a worst heading. by following thi, you uc new post will approve eaisly.

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