How To Increase AdSense CPC : 2018 Edition

Hi friends, today I will discuss how to increase AdSense CPC. In this post we will know several ways to increase AdSense using these techniques you can increase adsense earnings.

If you are a blogger and Adsense is your main source of income of your blog then you need to do some Adsense optimization and increase CPC (Cost per Click). And when we talk about AdSense optimization there are so many things but main thing is more clicks and High CPC.

If your blog is getting high traffic and so many clicks but if you are not getting good Cost Per click (CPC) ,you will be fail to earn massive money by AdSense.

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I have seen many bloggers saying that they are earnings very low amount of money from Adsense even they are generating huge amount of traffic. So its time to optimize Adsense and increase Adsense CPC.

So here I I giving some google adsense tips to increase adsense CPC and adsense income.

Before I discuss how to increase AdSense CPC , lets define the term Adsense CPC or Cost Per Click

What Is AdSense CPC

CPC stands for Cost Per Click . in short words, when a user click on a ad on your website you get some money that’s called AdSense CPC.

If you are using Adsense on your blog or website, then you may know that advertisers pay Google for every click made on their adverts.

Do you know that Adsense publisher talks more about CTR and less about CPC. If you want to get good CPC of Adsense then you should work more on CPC not on CTR.

Here are two terms CPC and CTR. Don’t Confuse about these. CPC stands for cost per click and CTR stands for Click Through Rate.

CTR is the percentage of users who clicked on ad . if 5 user of 100 user clicked on ad then CTR will be  5%.

Thus, if you get 5% CTR and your CPC is 0.1$ then your earnig in 100 users is 0.5$.and if you get CTR  of 2% and your CPC is 0.8$ then your earning in 100 users is 1.6$.

So a good CPC is better that a good CTR.

Now, after knowing about AdSense CPC lets dive into our topic to increase Adsense CPC. But first we should know the factors which affect Adsense CPC

Factors that affects Adsense CPC

1. Device Platforms

It is the first factor who affect Adsense CPC. Your blog is read from various devices and platforms like smartphone,desktop,laptop etc. so Adsense CPC is affected from devices

Your earning on various platform will be not same. You should try to target as many as reader .and display ad user friendly.

You should try page level ads for mobile devices and optimize your website for mobile. I mean your website should be responsive for all type of devices. By using page level ad in Adsense you can increase your google Adsense income by increasing Adsense CPC.

2. Content Matters

One thing I always emphasis that content is king. If you make best unique content your posts are viral in no time or very few time. And content affects  Adsense CPC .

You should follow on-page SEO techniques to make post unique and good looking. In blog post you should write and use high paying adsense CPC words that you can maximize your adsense earnings.

Content matters in adsense CPC. As a result, an good amount of website traffic will flow to your blog and audience will subscribe to your mailing list to stay remain for forthcoming posts and stuff. The great content compels the visitors to stay active on your blog for a long time.

3. Country

Google Adsense CPC also depends on the target country. You can earn good CPC by bringing USA and UK traffic. As you now Adsense CPC rates also depends on Country.

You can do keyword research for USA/UK user and crate good and awesome contents for USA or Uk visitors and get Higher CPC.

The adsense CPC Rates of these countries is higher that Asian countries and rest of the world. So it is a good solution for increase Adsense CPC fast.

4. Ad Format

Perhaps I will discuss in how to increase AdSense CPC section. Anyhow,you must know that text and image format matters in adsense CTR and CPC.

You should choose text format ad because text ad give you higher adsense CTR(click through Rate).anyhow,you can try both text and image ad simutanously because it gives you higher CPC.

Through at times, niche and keywords is main factor of Adsense CPC. Because of good niche and keyword your google Adsense revenue will increases.

Now, i discussed Factors that affects Adsense CPC. Now, lets dive into our topic how to increase AdSense CPC. So follow the steps in order to increase Adsense income.

how to increase AdSense CPC

In this section, I will discuss several ways to increase Adsense CPC. Read till end and increase Adsense CPC and Make more Money from Adsense.

1. Find High CPC keywords

This is my #1 Tip on how to increase AdSense CPC. Many bloggers does not do keyword research and do not find a main keyword. without a keyword its neither ranks nor get high CPC

Finding a high CPC keword not  hard task. you can find it when you are doing keyword reaserch in google keyword planner. In keyword planner suggested bid is CPC. You can read this full guide here

High CPC keyword are short term keywords like insurance ,email, hosting you can write posts on it  or use it in your long tail keywords.

Your Title tag and Meta description should include the targeted high CPC keyword, and you should use the H1 header and at least one H2 heading as main keyword and LSI keyword.

Do your keyword research, and establish the keywords targeted by the higher paying adverts – highest AdSense CPC.

So carefully choose a high CPC keyword because Without of high CPC Keyword you wont get high Adsense CPC or you will not increase your Adsense CPC

2. Bring High Quality traffic To your website

The second tip on how to increase AdSense CPC is equally important. Many people use AdSense on their sites in the assumption that Google will provide relevant advertising and ad. As you will learn shortly, this is 100% true.

Otherwise, high quality traffic is very important for a website. It helps website in seo and increase Adsense CPC.

If you are getting bad or wrong traffic (bot traffic) . you will not get good CPC . Not only that, Google’s TOS are very strict with AdSense, and you could find your account being cancelled for life if you get too many clicks on your site that never lead to a sale or you get invalid clicks.

 Therefore, do not try to cheat Adsense. If you do that your adsense account will be banned for lifetime

3. Niche selection

Website niche means website category , in simple words, niche is the category of a website. And as I discussed in Adsense CPC factors , Niche is main factor of Adsense CPC.

In order to get max CPC,you should choose the right niche for your is the thing over you are going to write effective blog posts.

Some bloggers says some times that why is my adsense CPC is so low .Adsense CPC directly depends on the website niche or catogery. however,I am giving you some niches that can give you high CPC

  • Domain and Hosting – if you create a blog on domain and hosting ,this is the best niche according to Adsense CPC pay scale. You can earn massive money without much domains and hosting niche website good for Highest CPC.
  • Forex – website under forex niche is pretty good for Adsense CPC and in this niche you can get high Adsense CPC.
  • Home Loans and Real Estate – this website niche also pays to good adsense CPC.
  • Gadgets – in tis category you can write blog posts  tech gadgets and you will get high adsense this niche you can write reviews on a product
  • Google and Microsot products – in this niche you can also paid a good Adsense CPC Rates

Pro tip – if you are writing a products review in gadgets nice ,you can earn extra commission by Affiliate marketing. If your products is physical tech product ,you can sign up amazon associates and earn affiliate commissions

4. Bring USA and UK traffic

This is my #4 tip on how to increase AdSense CPC. You can earn good CPC by bringing USA and UK traffic. As you now Adsense CPC rates also depends on Country.

You can do keyword research for USA/UK user and create good and awesome contents for USA or Uk visitors and get Higher CPC.

The adsense CPC Rates of these countries is higher than Asian countries and rest of the world. So it is a good solution for increase Adsense CPC fast.

5. Do right placement of ads

This is my #5 tip on how to increase AdSense CPC. It is very important to do right placement of ads. Without a good ad placement you will not get a high Adsense CPC and you website not be user friendly

Here are some tactics that you can apply for right ad placement.

  • Put 336X280 size ad just below the title and between the blog post
  • If your blog contains max multimedia then allow tect and image based ads ,you CTR and CPC will increase.
  • Place 2 ads insite a blog post and one outsite a post.
  • Put One ad on you right sidebar that outside your blog post.

So, this is where you can optimize adsense ad placemet for higher and maximum CPC. By using given ways you can increase you AdSense CPC fast in 2018.

Pro Tips – if you are a hobby blogger and Adsense is your not primary source of income , your first target should be giving quality content and less ads. Let me know you maximum CPC and CTR come from the First 2 ads on you webite

General Tips for Increase AdSense CPC in 2018

Here are some general tips on how to increase AdSense CPC in 2018. Follow these tips ir order to

  • Higher AdSense CPC :-The secret of maximum clicks and higher CPC is palcing 2 ads inside Blog post especially on the top
  • Grow and Improve your website quality:– improving the quality will help to increase adsense CPC. You should gain quality backlinks ,do on page page and off page seo and write good content.

 On page SEO techniques to Rank in GOOGLE in 2018

how to increase AdSense CPC : Conclusion

Here I discussed several ways on how to increase AdSense CPC. here I discussed on Adsense CPC by country.

If you follow the given tips and tactics, I surely say that if you apply this techniques ,you Adsense CPC increase surely by 40%-70%.’

You can search for highest CPC Adsense keywords in my blog read some other incredible post.

I discussed all the genune and legal ways to increase Adsense CPC in short time. you can get more than adsense CPC average rates by following the method.

It might not all be in your hands but if apply this techniques your CPC will surely increase.

Now your turn

I discussed several ways on how to increase AdSense CPC. Now your turn to test the methods and let me know that this article was helpful for you or not.

Anyways ,test my methods to increase Adsense CPC and increase your AdSense earnings or AdSense revenue.

If you are facing any problem please comment below!

Do not forget to share to your social profiles.

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