5 killer ways to fast your pc


Have you want to Fast your pc or computer ! Is you computer slow down,does it not work perfectly or fast.If your answer is YES then must read this post.

this is very important topic that how to fast your computer.i am going to show to how to fast your computer(windows or mac).

Follow this steps…..

1.Check your hard drive first:-

If your computer’s hard drive is full,there may be something wrong with your oprating system.disc cleanup

To check the Hard Drive space, go to Computer then right click on Local Drive and click on Properties .You will see a Pie Chart of your free and used space.Check if your hard drive is almost full ,then remove some files and progams.There should be 15% free space for a running Computer

2.Run a disk cleanup:-

Unnecessary files and temporary files slow down our pc. You can remove hundreds of megebites,unneccery files and temprory files ,empty recycle bin by Disk cleanup.

To do a Disk cleanup go to Computer then right click on Local Drive and click on Properties,in Properies tab click on disk cleanup .Then you will see a new tab open and asking for which files you want to remove,Choose unneccery files and your desire and Run Disk cleanup.Then you will be able to fast you computer

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3.Delete Temp files:-run commad in windows

Sometimes when temporary files are full, you computer slow down.you need to delete temp files from your computer for fast your pc

To delete temp files from your computer,Go to RUN [ By pressing windows key+R]  then type TEMP in RUN and delete all of them.then you will be able to fast your pc


4.Close visual effects:-

Visual effects on your pc ,who  slow down your pc. you should turn off to fast your pc.There are 20 visual effects that  you can turn off or on.

To turn off, search for CONTROL PANEL and click Control Panel,then click on  System, then click Advanced System Settings. Select the bullet which says “Adjust for best performance”.or you can manually turf off all there. After after applying this method your pc turn into a fast pc.

5 . Remove any programs you do not use:-

A lot of programs on your pc slow down your pc .so uninstall that programs that you do not use

To uninstall a program Go to Control Panel, then click  “Uninstall a Program”, to find a master list of programs installed on your computer and there remove program and your pc will  run fast.


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these are the ways to fast your pc and fast your laptop . if you have any question please comment below.do not forget to share with your friends .thank you.

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